Translation - Certified and OFFI attested

2. Price quote sent to you in email

3. Translation completed on time

4. Receive translated documents

Translation related information

Basic fee

Our basic translation fee is £42 or £0.08 per word – whichever is higher.

We do not charge extra for certifying a translation.

Urgent fees

Our urgent fee is +25% for translations within 2 working days and +50% for translations completed for next day.

Important notes

The prices published on this page are indicative and do not constitute a price quote. All translation work will be quoted individually by email after you have uploaded your documents via our website.

Our prices are in British pounds (GBP).

Translation deadlines are calculated from the time the translation fee is received in our bank account.

Technical and certified translations

For technical and certified translations, you can submit electronic copies of the documents to be translated via our website. You do NOT need to post the original documents.

OFFI attested translations

For an OFFI attested translation, we will need the original document, which will need to be sent to our UK office. You will be informed of the procedure by email after you have requested a price quote on our website.

Submission methods

If you are submitting the documents as images, please take high-resolution scans or photos. Make sure that the small print is legible and the text is not blurred. Make sure the whole text is visible in the images, with no edges hanging out.

Then fill in the Translation Price Quote Form, where you can enter important information about the translation and upload the documents from your device. You can submit multiple files at once, there’s no need to send them one by one.

If the material to be translated is already in a file format (e.g. .pdf or .doc), you can simply upload it via the site.

If you are unable to upload the documents, or if you have technical difficulties, please contact us via the Contact page and we will help you.

Once you have uploaded the documents to be translated via our website, we will send you a price quote for the translation by email. You will find payment details in this email. You can pay the translation fee by bank transfer or Paypal.

Your order will become valid when the translation fee is received in our account. Translation deadlines are calculated from the time the translation fee is received in our bank account.

We can only issue an invoice in the name of the company or individual from whose bank account the payment was received.

Technical and certified translations

– within 5 working days (standard). We can meet this deadline with documents no longer than 5000 words. For longer documents, we will also provide you with an individual quote for the translation deadline.

– within 2 working days (urgent), +25% surcharge, up to 2000 words.

– within 24-hours (next day), +50% surcharge, up to 1000 words.

In each case we will give you an individual price quote.

OFFI (Hungarian Office for Translation and Attestation LTD) translation

The turnaround time for OFFI translations is about 3 weeks. We cannot provide an exact deadline, but can only estimate the time this’ll take, as courier delivery times may vary.

For certified translations and technical translations, you do NOT need to send in the original documents. Good quality photographs or scanned images are sufficient. You can upload these via our website.

If the organisation or institution requesting the translation of your documents asks for a certified translation format, they will most likely ask for the original documents together with the translation we provide. In such a case, you will probably need to present the originals together with the translation. This information should be obtained from the organisation requesting the certified translation.

For OFFI attested translations, you will need to send the original documents to our UK office’s address. We will inform you by email in our price quote about the submission procedure.

It is best to submit the material to be translated as text documents (Microsoft Word, Apple Pages, OpenOffice, Rich Text Format, etc.)

Second best is to send a high-quality scanned image of the text.

If you take a photo of the text and the image is well lit, sharp and has a high resolution, there is still a good chance that we’ll be able to read it.

In all cases, please make sure that the image of the document is WELL LIT and SHARP, that ALL PARTS of the text are legible, and that the edges of the page do not overhang the image.

If you send a blurry or low-resolution photo of the text, we will probably not be able to read it, or if the handwriting is difficult to read. In such cases, it is best if you type the text and send it in together with the photo.

Usually, we only send out certified translations in electronic format by email. For an additional fee, it is also possible to request the translated documents by post.

In the Translation Price Quote Form, in the Instructions box, you can specify the electronic format (.pdf, .doc, .rtf, etc.) in which you would like to receive the translation, or if you would like to receive it by post. If you do not specify a format, it will be sent electronically as a .pdf document.

For certified translations, we can only send the finished translation in a non-editable format.

For OFFI translations, we will send you the finished translation as a physical document and return the original documents you sent us earlier, also by post.

Certified translations

In the United Kingdom, a certified translation can be written by a properly qualified translator or translation office.

A certified translation must contain a written confirmation from the translator that it’s a ‘true and accurate translation of the original document’, the date of the translation, the full name and contact details of the translator, or a representative of the translation company. Such translations are usually also signed and sealed by the translator, but this is not a must.

You’ll find more information on certified translations on the website of the British Government.

Our certified translations fully comply with the requirements for certified translations in the United Kingdom.

OFFI attested translations

OFFI (Országos Fordító és Fordításhitelesítő Iroda Zrt – Hungarian Office for Translation and Attestation LTD) is a state owned translation office in Hungary. 

If you are going to use your documents in official procedures (such as court hearings, birth or death registration, marriage and divorce-related matters, etc.) a certified translation will probably not be enough. Many Hungarian offices require an ‘attested translation‘ created by OFFI.

You can order an OFFI attested translation through us if you live outside of Hungary.

Please, see our price quote page to order an OFFI attested translation.

  • Upload your documents via our price quote page. You can provide all the necessary information on the online form.
  • We will then send you a price quote for the translation by email. If you accept it, you can order the translation by paying for it using one of the payment methods detailed in the price quote email.
  • Once you have paid for the translation, we will translate the documents within the set deadline.
  • We’ll send you the translated documents via email, or in the case of an OFFI attested translation, by post.





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